The question is…do you know which click will expose you? Or what to do if it happens?...Or even better, do you know to prevent it from happening all together?

Can you say with confidence that you know how to protect your digital identity from being snatched up by cybercriminals lurking in the internet shadows…beyond just creating a “strong” password?

If the answer is no…then I can help.

Cyber Tribe is an exclusive member's only community providing small business owners and solo entrepreneurs with fundamental knowledge and resources needed to protect their businesses' from cyber attacks.

I’m Jihana Barrett, founder of CybrSuite LLC, and I educate individuals and small businesses on the importance of cybersecurity.

Listen, our new norm is online everything: banking, shopping, schooling – even doing business.

Most of us hop online without a second thought about the information we share – whether intentionally or unintentionally.

I’ve worked for the government, military, and in the private sector – and I know just how easy it is for cybercriminals to take advantage of us without even realizing it.

If the largest organizations can get hacked – why not you?

That’s why I’m determined to shine a light on the dark side of the internet and arm you with the tools you need to browse, shop, and sell online without having to worry about someone snatching your identity, assets, or more.




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Protection of personal/professional information is paramount and is something that frequently does not receive the attention it requires. Jihana B. is a Cyber Security Expert who is extremely PASSIONATE about helping people understand the potential cyber security threats that exist each and every time you access a device. She is PASSIONATE about ensuring that people do everything possible to protect themselves against identity theft. Jihana B. provided me with step by step mitigation strategies on how to secure my email logins, social media accounts, bank accounts, passwords and so much more. She has a wealth of KNOWLEDGE on topics related to cyber security. If you are serious about identity protection, reach out to Jihana B. for all of your cyber security needs. She WILL EXCEED your expectations!


Partnering with Jihana on spreading cyber security awareness has been a wonderful experience. Not only has she helped me make sure that my business is properly PROTECTED, but she is a VALUABLE person on my team as a cyber expert. Jihana have also been an asset to many of my customers on helping their small business become and stay PROTECTED. Her training programs are easy to understand and most importantly, easy to implement as a business owner. Cyber security is now the responsibility of every employee, and CyberSuite has helped my clients get their employees on board with her training programs. Thanks Jihana! 


I'm a senior professor of criminal justice at Cheney University of Pennsylvania. I had an opportunity to have Ms. Barrett come to my senior seminar course, which is a course that all students are required to take before graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice. She came to do a seminar on cybersecurity. During the presentation, she was very effective in engaging my students, and she gave them a great deal to take with them information-wise that they could apply to their own cybersecurity. Individuals are not aware of how safe or unsafe they are on the Internet, but she gave him an opportunity to look closer into a great deal of the websites that they peruse along with some of their other basic behaviors that they have on the Internet. She was an outstanding presenter, and I would have her again if she would ever want to come back to Cheyney University. She added a great lot of great valuable information to our students and me also as a senior professor.

Dr. Vincent Miles

I had the pleasure of meeting you at WordCamp in Miami. Listening to you speak was great. You're inspiring, educated, and motivated. You gave me a moment to chat with you personally about a project I'm going to work on to empower girls to study abroad and in cybersecurity. I'm going to reach back out to you. I took a pause because of Covid but perhaps now is the time more than ever. Keep doing your thing. You're awesome!

Renee Asenguah

Thank You for the information!! I know firsthand how hard it is trying to prove who you are when someone steals your identity. My identity was stolen 5 years ago and I had to jump through hoops to prove I was who I am. It took 1 year to clarify and resolve the problem. I got lucky a lot of people take years to bounce back. Thanks again!! Stay safe!


Hi Queen, I just finished your course from the bundle. It gave me the guts to tell my brand-new boss that our passwords were jokes and we needed to use a password manager. He agreed. We are a 3 people business, on 2 continents. How do I explain why we need to use a VPN? And is it necessary for both of us or just the remote me? I've no idea how to make him activate the 2 steps verification either. Anyway, thank you for the course I'm now following you.


Hey Jihana, I just recently came across your page. I wanted to say I think you're doing a great job. I truly feel that cybersecurity is the future and will be as common as a car alarm! Keep up the good work and stay blessed!


I feel so good, after listening to your ebook. I only need to make minimal, but vital, changes because most of the information given, I already knew. How did I know? I have been a victim of identity theft twice. It was great to get some new tips and write everything down. Needed that refresher and new knowledge. Your delivery was perfect, clear, and concise. Thank you!


Good Evening! Thank you so much! I just finished reading your book and it was absolutely amazing I have already started applying some of the tips that you listed. Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication in protecting everyday people in the cyber world.

P Williams

Hi Jihana!! The E-book was amazing!! I've been following your page and getting a lot of gems! 2 of my friends recently got their information stolen so this ebook was golden!! Very easy to use and apply the steps you gave!! Nobody will be able to hack my stock account with cyber office kel around lol


Your content is seriously as inspiring as watching you talk in person. Thank you for what you do, I've been inspired to continuing my education in security even when I feel insecure about myself because of ladies like yourself. I can't express in a short message how relatable your story is, and how much it means to me to see you in the industry. You and some other strong ass women have been my role models for a bit and I am so so glad I've had the chance to mean such wonderful ladies. Rant over


Great talk at Wordcamp. I definitely like your talk, kept it real throughout your whole talk. I would love to see the slides again, some serious takeaways with those slides.

Freddy Al

Got this email and immediately remembered the phishing scams that Jihana Barrett informed us about last week in her training. Thank you so much. Everyone's talking about the info you shared.

Joan Wright Good

I cannot be any MORE excited to hear this talk!!! Jihana Barrett is an incredible speaker with an incredible message and I'm proud to be an organizer with @wordcampmiami that attracted and selected this talk.

Rian Kinney


  • An individual who wants to protect themselves from cybercriminals
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  • Or an organization looking for a Chief Information Security Officer

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